(Caption: Dr. Ben Tucker: Self Test for Shoulder Posture)
This is a self test for shoulder positioning. Basically the posture of your shoulders and looking at how they naturally rest and if it’s something that you might be able to work on. So ideally you want to be able to see through your fingers if your hands are sitting at your sides naturally when you’re standing like this. Many people find their shoulders kind of slouching forwards – if you’re holding pencils in your hands they might very well stab you in the legs if you were holding those. So, this would kind of be ‘needs improvement’, this would be about ‘half way there’, and this would be ‘ideal relaxed standing posture’. One thing you can do to help with this is doing some shoulder stretching – as I talk about in some other videos – and another thing is just being consciously aware of it. So when you’re standing brushing your teeth at night, if you’re looking in the mirror, look to the side and see where your hand ends up. Is it right beside your body or is it out front like this? If it is, just give the muscles in between your shoulder blades a little pinch and that will bring them back. And that’s the Self Test for shoulder posture. Give it a try.

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