Acupuncture for arthritis pain can be a great compliment or alternative to pharmaceutical pain and inflammation management. Living with arthritis pain can be debilitating, and many of the standard treatments for arthritis can have numerous side-effects. Often, providing the body with additional support and pain-reduction options can complement other treatments.

“Arthritis” means joint inflammation, which can be the result of a direct injury, inflammation, or degeneration. The term arthritis, however, is typically used to describe the numerous rheumatic diseases and conditions that affect joints, as well as the tissues that surround the joint. In cases of arthritis, the key is to remain active and manage pain and fatigue effectively in order to be able to do so. Restorative sleep is also an important factor for individuals with arthritis. Acupuncture for arthritis is used to support the body by targeting chemical messengers responsible for inflammation, cell metabolism (energy), pain relief (such as endorphins), and sleep quality.

Manual therapy is also important for individuals with arthritis in order to allow the joints to continue moving for as long as possible, and combining this hands-on-care with contemporary medical acupuncture targeted to provide support to the surrounding structures can be very beneficial for individuals with arthritis. Treatments for arthritis with acupuncture are both holistic (aimed at restoring and improving chemical messenger signals) and specific to target tissues. For example, an individual with hip arthritis would be assessed, and typically would benefit from acupuncture to the pelvic nerves that support the hip muscles and soft tissues in that region. In this regard, the acupuncture at Riverside Chiropractic is aimed at restoring global function for individuals with arthritis, as well as seeking to affect local change in the tissues.

Acupuncture care for arthritis is most effective when combined with multiple approaches and practitioners. Chiropractic care involving mobilizations and soft tissue work can be very effective for arthritis, and is often combined with arthritis acupuncture techniques for the best possible outcomes.