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If you’re looking for a chiropractor in London Ontario, our chiropractic clinic is here to serve you. Dr. Ben’s chiropractic treatments are customized to help you with your posture, back pain, neck pain, headaches and migraines, whiplash, shoulder problems, hip problems and more. Patients in the London area receive chiropractic treatment at our clinic for restoration of function, reduction of pain, maintenance of spinal health, and many other chiropractic benefits. If you are not currently experiencing symptoms or pain, chiropractic care can help maintain spine health and optimal function.

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What Our Patients Are Saying


I cannot thank Dr. Ben enough for how he has helped my migraines. Very friendly and inviting clinic, and absolutely outstanding service!

Amanda P.

Dr Ben has been great, the staff in his office are very personable, appointments are on time and Dr. Ben has assisted me in getting my health back. Thanks Dr. Ben!

Ingrid M.

Very honest and realistic treatment. Dr. Ben took the time to explain what my injury was and how I was going to get better to prevent it again.

Crystal B.

Professional & friendly service. I’m being treated with lower back issues by Dr. Ben. I’ve had substantial improvement in my mobility. I would recommend his practice whole-heartedly!

Sue G.

I cannot say enough how enormously pleased I am with the adjustments my family has been receiving from Dr. Ben!… I’ve gotten my life back! I even got my skeptical husband to start seeing him! Looking for effective treatment? Look no further.

Alicia V.

Dr Ben is fantastic. He is caring about his patients and very knowledgeable. I always leave with a healthier spine and a smile on my face.

Olivia S.

We’ve been going to Dr. Ben Tucker for over three years now and have always been happy with our care. You won’t find anyone like him!

Dan W.

Wouldn’t go anywhere else! Dr.Ben takes the time to consult and understand your issues.

Deanna Z.

Seeing Dr. Ben has made a world of difference for both myself and my husband and our kids. I have had chronic neck pain…Dr. Ben’s thorough assessment and treatments has given me great relief. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Carolyn L.

I was referred to Dr. Ben from a friend who spoke very highly of him and I can see why! He took the time to explain my current condition in detail and explained what we can do to improve my posture and health. He also showed me exercises I can do at home…I highly recommend.

Christie J.

A top notch practice…the appointments are perfectly attuned to yourself and your goals. Would highly recommend.

Mackenzie D.

Very knowledgeable and caring practitioner who takes the time to understand the root cause of your problem.

Sharron H.

We love visiting Dr. Ben for our chiropractic needs. He always makes us feel welcome, and explains what he is doing, and why it needs to be done. We bring our children, and they love getting adjusted!

Emily T.

This chiropractic clinic is nothing short of “top drawer”! If you are experiencing issues with your back, want the job done right, the first time, look no further than Dr. Ben Tucker and his very capable, professional staff!

Greg C.

Dr. Ben has been a great help to improving my posture and overall health… I would highly recommend.

Jimmy L.

Kind, caring and exceptionally skilled. I trust Dr. Ben with my health and well-being and he has never let me down. Thanks to Dr. Ben, I am able to live a full and active life.

Shannon M.

I had been suffering from back and neck pain for 19 years after a bad car accident… I am a true believer now in chiropractic care.

Maegan S.

Dr. Ben has done a wonderful job addressing my daughter’s scoliosis and back pain. Within the first 3 months of weekly visits, her pain significantly improved to a level of occasional minor discomfort. Highly, highly recommend Dr. Ben to anyone diagnosed with scoliosis.

Sue B.

Dr Ben is very kind and helpful. He is an excellent listener and provides exercises that are easy to do and help your body feel better. Dr. Ben and his team provide exceptional service.

Jennifer P.

I’ve had an extremely positive experience…Dr. Ben patiently explained everything [and] showed me how I need to be proactive in taking care of my spine and addressing my posture issues.

Tyler K.

Super professional and friendly, you won’t regret you choice to see Dr. Ben. Have had great results with treatments, including medical acupuncture.

Rachel H.

Really appreciate Dr. Ben’s passion and holistic approach to seeing people get better and experience some freedom and relief.

Jon S.

Dr. Ben Tucker is an extremely skilled and effective chiropractor. I used to suffer tremendous lower and mid-back pain from scoliosis…The effects of my condition have virtually disappeared.

Dre P.

Nothing but great things to say about Dr. Ben! I was skeptical at first about how chiropractic care could help, but it has made a difference for both myself and my little one.

Stef B.

Excellent experience! My extreme upper back pain has improved tremendously as has my posture.

Whitney W.

I went to Dr. Ben in severe pain after putting out my back. He was able to relieve that pain in the first visit so I could be mobile again. The follow up visits and adjustments have improved all aspects of movement and my posture. Highly recommend that you try Dr. Ben.

Chris C.

Lower back pain restricted my mobility for over a year and in less than 4 weeks Dr. Ben has made me a believer in the benefits of chiropractic. I can happily say that I am able to bend, jump and play on the floor with my kids again. The results are proof of his exceptional knowledge and skill.

Bre C.

I have noticed such a change in the way I feel! The biggest is a drastic reduction in migraine auras since receiving chiropractic care! Dr Ben always takes the time to listen to, and address any concerns. I always feel much better after an adjustment!

Carrie M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chiropractic is a health care profession that specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disorders and conditions related to the spine, nervous system, and musculoskeletal system. Chiropractors also focus on treating the body as a whole and utilize nutrition, patient education, postural assessment, exercise, and lifestyle guidance to help patients realize their full health potential.

The current chiropractic definition is “a health care profession that focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, and the effects of these disorders on general health.” The word “Chiropractic” is derived from Greek words meaning “done by hand”, which is correct, since chiropractors are now known as “manual therapists.”

The short answer is – yes! Chiropractic is a profession that seeks to uncover the actual problem and fix it rather than cover up symptoms. Over time, physical stresses can add up and wear your body down, which eventually surfaces as pain or inability to do certain activities (dysfunction). Rather than attempting to cover up symptoms or waiting for them to go away on their own, it is important to discover why symptoms are present and receive chiropractic treatment for this underlying issue. If you’re in the London Ontario area, consider visiting Riverside Chiropractic for a holistic, cause-focused approach where we create a customized treatment plan with treatments utilizing chiropractic adjustments, contemporary medical acupuncture, soft tissue techniques, rehabilitative exercise and stretches, and Registered Massage Therapy.

No matter what your situation, we will tailor a treatment plan that is unique to your goals. Everyone is different, has different needs, and different expectations when it comes to health care. Therefore, we ensure that a full history including lifestyle, nutrition, health conditions, and any current complaints is taken in order to provide a comprehensive treatment plan for you. Recommendations are made with you as a partner in your care, with education and empowerment at the forefront. Maintaining your health is not only important for the present, but also an investment for the years to come.