Back pain and neck pain are frequently the result of problems with the joints, muscles, and nerves.  Neck pain is usually caused by a combination of factors, including poor posture, chronic muscle strain, stress, “tweaking the neck” with odd sleeping positions, disc problems, and muscular weakness. These factors result in irritation of the nerves in the neck and back, and this affects their ability to function as well as the body’s chemical messengers.

Our acupuncture treatment for back pain and neck pain is a unique approach. We utilize “contemporary medical acupuncture” which is applied at specific sites in order to restore normal activity in the body. A thorough physical examination determines which nerves and tissues are not operating properly, and the treatments are focused on restoring these problems. Each treatment is different, and customized to the individual’s presentation. Our acupuncture for back pain is not simply putting acupuncture needles in the low back in the same manner for each patient. Our contemporary medical acupuncture for back pain is used in conjunction with an assessment system that determines which nerves are not sending clear signals. If the nerves to the muscles that are responsible for providing stability to the low back are not functioning, the back is compromised and susceptible to injury (or re-injury). Contemporary medical acupuncture for back pain is an effective and long-term solution.

Our treatments are aimed at restoring function in the target tissue right away, as well as more holistic components such as points to increase blood flow and healing in the area, release chemical messengers that aid healing, and others that decrease pain. Acupuncture is excellent for both chronic and acute types of pain, and works well in isolation or in combination with chiropractic care aimed at restoring function as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.