Advanced 2.0 Glute Stabilization Exercises

Here are three more advanced gluteus medius stabilizer exercises to build on previous strengthening routines for this muscle group.
Aim for 3 sets of 5-10 reps per side for each (working toward 10 reps as you progress).

1. Hip airplanes

  • Begin with “assisted” – holding onto something for balance
  • Progress to balancing without holding anything.

2. Single leg Romanian dead lift

  • Begin with basic body weight, kicking one leg back, then returning to start position
  • Progress to flexing the hip at the top of the movement to increase the balance challenge
  • Progress to adding a weight (use a weight according to your strength, 5-40 lbs)

3. Single leg glute raise

  • Push up with one leg into a straight line with your knee, hip, and shoulder. Hold at the top for several seconds while squeezing the glutes.

Dr Ben here, and Dr Anthony. We’re going to show you some more advanced options for glute stabilization. we already have an advanced glute stabilization exercise so this is Advanced 2.0 or super Advanced okay so first exercise is going to be an assisted hip airplane. So Dr. Ben is gonna grab the ledge over there you can grab a stool a shelf anything that you have available to you and he’s going to shoot his left leg back putting all the weight on his right side and he’s going to open up his chest towards the wall on that side and should feel his glute being activated and then a stretch inside his quad on the right side he’s going to come back to neutral and turn towards me now with this direction he’s going to feel a nice stretch on the outside of his hip and he’s going to hold each position for about five seconds comes back and does about five reps on each side now once you’ve got the hang of that and you feel like you want more of a challenge now you can do that exact same movement just with no assistance

and if you find you’re not able to hold the balance it is challenging so as you’re getting those five reps there’s a good chance you’ll end up touching a toe down on the ground that’s totally fine. now the next one is a single leg romanain deadlift. so Dr Ben is going to put his weight on his right side his left leg is again going to shoot back and he’s gonna just reach towards the ground keeping a nice neutral spine and then coming back again. Now if you want to increase the difficulty he’s going to bring his leg up, and come right through with the knee and then come back. Now if he wants an even greater challenge you can use heavy weights like this…maybe pass me the other one – I think I can handle this weight.

So this right here Dr Ben’s going to stabilize and this will just provide greater resistance so aim for 10 reps of those plus or minus per leg or just go to fatigue and then switch legs so do each side of course. Now the next one Dr. Ben will explain – so moving on we’ll do a single leg glute raise. So you can do this of course with two feet on the ground but to make it a little more challenging for one particular glute we’ll just use one leg at a time. So Dr Anthony will stabilize with his right leg only and the left comes straight up so all the force is going through this. you want to make a straight line between knee hip and shoulder to hold that for a couple seconds squeeze the glutes tightly by “squeezing a quarter between your cheeks” and then back down to the ground for a touch and coming back up and holding for a second at the top with that isometric squeeze so aiming for 10 reps per side then he’ll switch to the left and go back and forth. Do three total sets of these all these exercises, and you can aim for five to ten reps and then do three sets per side. It should take about five minutes to get through all of it. And that’s our super Advanced glute rehab (Advanced 2.0). Enjoy!