Patient Reviews

Dr. Ben Tucker takes the time to explain what he’s doing and more importantly why he’s doing it. He’s so knowledgeable and passionate about his work. If you have any questions, he encourages you to ask, and takes the time to explain things! Definitely would recommend him to anyone!

Michael H.

On my first visit, Dr. Tucker did a thorough examination, took the time to explain what was wrong with my neck, and outlined a treatment plan. I love that! On top of being highly skilled, Dr. Tucker is always punctual, is super friendly, genuinely humble, and obviously loves to use the talent God gave him to help people.

Susan C.

For many people, it’s a huge step to reach out for help in any form. As a nervous “first timer” to chiropractic care, I was no different. Ben’s genuine respect, patience and teachings completely reassured me of his sincerity and his abilities. Of utmost importance, his actual chiropractic skills, both in creating a unique & individualized care plan, as well as his skill level in doing the hands-on “adjustments”, have made a remarkable difference in my life.

Jan H.

I have been to a couple of Chiropractors before Dr. Ben and I had little trust or believably in the practice. Dr. Ben is totally different; he explains what he is doing, he listens to you, and he doesn’t force you to do anything that you don’t want to do. I went from having a dull, annoying pain in my lower back, to having no pain at all, and having a posture that is even better than when I went in there. I can wholeheartedly say that Dr. Ben is truly an amazing Chiropractor and a really awesome person. If you are someone who is scared, or don’t know if a Chiropractor could help – trust me when I say he will help you!!

Jason G.

I came to see Dr. Tucker with a debilitating flair-up of sciatica from an old disk herniation. I could barely walk. I was taking opiate pain killers and muscle relaxants, which weren’t doing anything. After my first adjustment with Dr. Tucker, my pain was reduced by 80%. Within a month it was nearly to zero. If you are suffering from low back and aren’t getting relief from standard medical therapy then I would highly recommend you give Dr. Tucker a try.

Zach L.

Dr. Tucker is not only knowledgeable but takes the time to listen and truly seeks to understand cause and effect. He’s not looking to get patients ‘in and out’ and treatments are customized each time on the basis of what you actually need. If you’re looking for chiropractic care that is effective, compassionate, holistic and tailored to your needs, I strongly recommend the team at Riverside Chiropractic!

Pamela L.

Dr. Ben Tucker really knows what he is doing. He listens to my concerns and every visit is unique – no “cookie cutter” adjustments here! His acupuncture skills are a bonus and his warm, funny, knowledgeable manner is just great – have been to a few chiropractors in my life – and Dr. Tucker is the top! Highly recommended!

Julie F.

Dr. Ben Tucker has been a great help to my ongoing chronic issues I get from training. His clinic offers a great combination of acupuncture, massage and chiropractic treatments. Thanks again Dr. Ben for your ongoing support and help.

Garth J.

Dr. Tucker has worked his skill and magic to help me now live pain free! I would definitely recommend him to anyone. I had never been to a chiropractor before and I will now continue to see him so I can stay pain free. Appreciated his complete explanation of the treatment plan.

Sarah R.

Dr. Ben has completely changed my life… I have had major back issues since 2008 and it took me about 8 painful years to find Ben. I used to “throw my back out” 3-4 times per year, affecting my ability to be a good Mother. Since seeing Ben for care I may throw my back out 1-2 times per year [but it] isn’t nearly as crippling as it used to be. I have never been comfortable with adjustments and Ben as put my mind at ease. I can relax when I am in his care because he is thorough and informative. Ben has a good heart and puts his ALL into his patients care.

Brittany R.

I highly recommend Dr. Ben and his team. Dr. Ben is approachable and personable, which makes discussing health concerns a comfortable experience. His focus on preventative chiropractic care is valuable, and I have felt consistently well-cared for as a result of his chiropractic treatments and professional counsel. I also appreciate how not every visit is the same; he listens to what my current concerns or questions are and provides treatment accordingly.

Caitlin F.

Working in an office all day hunched over in the “T-Rex” position I was developing issues with my posture and tightness in my upper back. After working with Dr. Ben for weeks he has got me back to “normal”. In fact this “normal” is much better than I have ever felt. I really underestimated my symptoms. Dr. Ben and his staff are knowledgeable, on time and professional…I look forward to continuing to see Dr. Ben as I enter the maintenance phase of my treatment. I hope to continue to enjoy my new “normal” function of my back long into the future with the help of Dr. Ben!

Matt C.

By far the best chiropractor in London. I cannot thank Dr. Ben enough for how he has helped my migraines. Very friendly and inviting clinic, and absolutely outstanding service!!

Amanda P.

Dr. Ben has been a great help to improving my posture and overall health. Very friendly staff and clean facility. Very flexible with scheduling.

Jimmy L.

Best chiropractor in town! The service at Riverside Chiropractic is exceptional. Dr Ben and his staff are so friendly and welcoming and my back feels like new since I’ve been coming here.

Ben P.

Kind, caring and exceptionally skilled. I trust Dr. Ben with my health and well-being and he has never let me down. Thanks to Dr. Ben, I am able to live a full and active life.

Shannon M.

We love visiting Dr. Ben…he always makes us feel welcome, and explains what he is doing, and why it needs to be done.

Emily T.

Dr. Ben is very professional, amazing at what he does and has a terrific personality. From the beginning, he was very helpful in explaining the plan of care for each member of our family and worked with us to achieve our goals.

Jen K.

Dr. Ben Tucker worked on me for a disc issue of my lower back. I was in an excruciating amount of pain when I first went to see him. He spent time listening, assessing and creating an appropriate plan of care. I could not be more pleased with the level care he provided and his commitment to my well-being. If you’re looking for a caring professional chiropractor who is treating from a scientific perspective I assure you he is the one to see.

Stacey B.

I tried several chiropractors before I’ve met Dr Ben, and I have to admit that he is the best. He is a true professional who loves his job. He not only treats you by performing adjustments and medical acupuncture, but he also always re-assesses you to see how your body responds to the treatment plan. He helped me a lot with my issues, and I would recommend him to everyone!

Natalya K.

From the moment I walked through the door, I was welcomed and felt comfortable. Ben Tucker is an excellent chiropractor and I would recommend him to anyone. He listens to your concerns, has compassion, respectful and professional manner, talks to you and explains in ways that you can understand, and best of all, he helped me with my back issues. Please just go to him, you won’t be disappointed.

Connie G.

I have only good things to say about Dr. Ben Tucker at Riverside Chiropractic. I’ve suffered with back pain for many years and Dr. Tucker has helped me tremendously. He’s kind, caring, patient and extremely good at what he does. Doesn’t hurt that he’s friendly and funny, too.
I’d recommend Dr. Ben to anyone looking for chiropractic care. He’s definitely one of the best there is.

Pat C.

I am so pleased with the care I’m getting from Dr. Ben. He is a wonderful chiropractor. I’ve had back pain for most of my life, it’s so wonderful to see a doctor who actually cares about me and wants to help me reach my health and wellness goals. I’m finally on my way to a back pain free life. I would recommend Riverside Chiropractic to everyone!

Natalie B.

It is an excellent experience from the moment you walk in the door. You receive a warm welcome from the secretary and are most often seen by Dr. Tucker within five minutes of arriving. Great integrated technique with chiropractic and acupuncture that most chiropractic clinics do not offer. Dr. Ben Tucker is amazing! He is very knowledgeable and explains things in a scientific but easy to understand way so that patients understand what is going on. He is also extremely friendly and easy to talk to, you will never feel uncomfortable with expressing your concerns.

Amanda T.

Dr. Tucker is a fantastic clinician. He explains what he is working on and takes your needs into account when planning each session. Highly recommended!

Taylor S.

Since seeing Ben, I have been totally pain free, and notice better flexibility. I highly recommend Ben both for his skill and personality.

David H.

Awesome experience and amazing results with Dr. Ben Tucker. Ask about medical acupuncture, it works miracles.

Joseph S.

I can honestly say that my experience with Riverside Chiropractic and Dr Ben Tucker has been amazing… I cannot express enough gratitude towards Dr Tucker for his professionalism, kindness and exceptional service! What a difference!… I would highly recommend him to anyone – he is very knowledgeable, tactful, and considerate and always ensures I understand what is going on. I feel like his goals focus on educating you and restoring the body – he is there for you! Which I must say is a very big difference from the experiences I’ve had in the past. Thank you so much for everything!

Nikki B.

Ben is very professional about what he does, while also caring deeply for each of his patients. He devotes the necessary time for each treatment, whether that be a chiropractic adjustment, or a acupuncture appointment. Being a patient with ongoing sports injuries, Ben has worked to help restore muscle activation and has been great at working both with and around the injury! I know that once I leave Ben’s office, my body will feel like it is operating at it’s best, and you can’t ask for anything else.

Brandon D.

I highly recommend Dr. Ben at Riverside Chiropractic!! Lower back pain restricted my mobility for over a year and in less than 4 weeks Dr. Ben has made me a believer in the benefits of chiropractic adjustment. I can happily say that I am able to bend, jump and play on the floor with my kids again. The results are proof of his exceptional knowledge and skill. Dr. Ben has always been upfront about the treatment plan and carefully considers each step based on my individual progress. It’s a pleasure to feel cared for and know that I can trust him to provide honest assessments and effective treatments. Dr. Ben -I can’t thank you enough!

Breanna C.

Dr. Tucker is highly knowledgeable, accommodating in terms of scheduling and has a positive, friendly outlook that makes you look forward to every visit. Thank you so much for helping me get to where I am today!

Christina C.

I discovered immediately that Dr. Ben is not just one of many, but an extremely knowledgeable and experienced care provider, who does take the time and the effort to understand and deliver the proper treatment, and is genuinely interested in his patients’ well being. I am so glad I found Dr. Ben!

Tudor P.

The staff at Riverside Chiropractic are always kind and friendly. Dr. Ben has honestly done wonders for the health of my spine, through both acupuncture and chiropractic care. They come highly recommended.

Jerrica H.

r. Ben Tucker is an excellent chiropractor and a delightful person! I saw him for general maintenance and his assessment was incredibly helpful at targeting a few areas in my neck, back and hip. He also used his knowledge of acupuncture to work out another spot in my hip which restored my hip strength fully! I would highly recommend Dr. Ben to others seeking an excellent Chiropractor.

Chris S.

My experience with Dr. Ben as my chiropractor has been great! Ben is very honest with the amount of treatment needed and cares a lot about improvement and stability of health. Ben is also very friendly and I have always felt encouraged by his presence. I am very thankful for Dr. Ben!

Olivia R.

I went to Dr. Ben because I regularly dislocated my shoulder and had lost the strength in my right shoulder. I have regained full mobility and am no longer concerned about dislocating my shoulder when completing daily tasks. Dr. Ben takes the time to explain his treatment plan and the reasoning behind it.

Samantha H.

Ahead of time I was a little apprehensive about chiropractic ‘adjustments’ and skeptical about the value that they might provide. However, right from the outset I was impressed by Ben’s professional attitude, his willingness to help me understand how chiropractic works, and also to explain my specific treatments…In three short months the improvements in my physical state have been remarkable and I am now a ‘convert’ to the value of chiropractic care, and more specifically the care of Dr Tucker. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Ben.

Ian W.

My family doctor cautioned me about my 2 month old daughter’s tendency to only look one way and what that could do to proper muscle development and recommended a chiropractor appointment. After one visit, her head is now happily swiveling side to side. Chiropractors are for babies too, and Dr. Tucker at Riverside is the guy for it!

Janine G.

I went to Dr. Ben in severe pain after putting out my back. He was able to relieve that pain in the first visit so I could be mobile again. The follow up visits and adjustments have improved all aspects of movement and my posture. The appointments have all started at the scheduled time and I am in and out in no time. Highly recommend that you try Dr. Ben.

Chris C.

Dr. Ben is an awesome, friendly, effective, humble, intelligent, funny and all-around great guy! Rated in the top 3 chiropractors in London Ontario, and definitely deserving of the accolade. I highly recommend that if you have any aches and pains, that you drop by and see if Dr. Ben can help out. My whole family come to him when we’re having trouble and he never disappoints.

Mishkin B.

Nothing but great things to say about Dr. Ben! I was skeptical at first about how chiropractic care could help, but it has made a difference for both myself and my little one.

Stefanie B.

My experience with Dr. Tucker has been exceptionally good. With a professional and positive attitude, he takes the time to fully understand patient needs while delivering great results. I have worked with several chiropractors in the past and have found my experience with him to be second to none.

Ben G.