Glute Bridge

For glutes that’s giving us some trouble, this is the glute max so this is the muscle that is responsible for extension in the leg. To get that you’re gonna do a simple glute bridge, here on the ground brace everything let the mid back sink into the ground drive the heels into the ground until there’s a straight line. Hold for a second while squeezing the glutes together and back down and just repeat that 10 to 15 times. If you want more of a challenge, whichever glute is giving us the higher area of weakness for example if I want to work my left glute I make my right leg straight, and then straight up so this left side is doing all the work. Repeat the same thing for the right, by driving the heel into the ground hold for half a second at the top squeezing the glutes and back down and that’s a simple glue bridge.