Glute Stabilizer Rehab (Beginner)

If your glutes are weak, that creates a problem in stabilizing your pelvis and spine. In this video I explain to you how to re-strengthen your abductors muscles (gluteus medius & minimus) with 2 easy exercises at home. 

  1. Fire hydrants: do 10-15 or reach fatigue and repeat. 
  2. Clams: do 10-15 or reach fatigue and repeat

Aim to do these exercises every-other day (3-4 days per week), and we can reassess your function at the clinic as needed. If you notice these are feeling easy, let me know at your visit, and we’ll progress you to the advanced version!

This is the beginner gluteus medius rehab. So it’s an abductor muscle so its job is to bring your leg out to the side. It’s also responsible for balancing the pelvis and keeping the pelvis strong underneath your spine. The first exercise is called a “fire hydrant” – so you’re here and it’s like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant (that’s why it’s called that). You’re here – hold for a second at the top – and back down. Try to keep your pelvis fairly still when you’re doing this you can have a little bit of rotation out at the end but don’t be doing all the rotation through the pelvis. Let this stay still and bring the leg out in abduction.

So 10 or 15 of those. You’ll also do clams – so on the side. Same movement – you’re opening up your knees trying to keep this hip right on top of your underneath hip so don’t let your pelvis go backwards or forwards stay “stacked” is what we call that. So with stacked pelvis and again 10 to 15 repetitions here until you start to feel a burn this one gets a lot harder once you’re good at that if you bring your legs straight out and point the toes down toward the ground to isolate that glute muscle you’ll come up hold for half a second and back down and 10 to 15 repetitions in that position once you’re strong enough in the clam you can go to that slightly more advanced straight leg version and that is the beginner glute rehab.