Hamstring Walk-Out Stretch

Hamstring walk-outs are an excellent active exercise to help improve hamstring flexibility. I recommend doing 5 to 10 walk-outs at least once per day if you have difficulty with hamstring flexibility. This exercise does need to be done consistently to see change in flexibility.

Hamstring tightness is a common problem, especially for those of us that are sitting a decent 

amount of the day. So if you find you are only able to get your hands just below your knees, we are aiming to get your hands down to at least the ground. Start in a plank, then take your toes and inch them up towards your hands. You’ll see I’m slightly forcing my heels down to the ground, once you feel a good tension there, you can come up to the fingertips and continue walking the feet inch by inch toward the hands. Once you feel a good stretch, slowly walk your hands back out. You can repeat this about five to ten times and do that every day.