Hip Flexor

For the hip flexor stretch, choose one of the options that you feel the best stretch with. Hold for 15-20 seconds per side and repeat 2-3 times for a full set. I would recommend doing this daily (or even twice per day if sitting lots).

This is a hip flexor stretch, the hip flexor begins on the front side of your low back and comes through into the front of your hip. Tight hip flexors can cause problems in the low back and vice versa so to stretch that out you’re going to go 90 degrees with your front leg and then 90 degrees with your back leg. The back leg is the leg that you are stretching. Contract all the muscles, and then move forward about an inch. This is my favourite way to stretch out the hip flexors, if you are really flexible you may not feel it but if you are contracting all the muscles you should. A second way to stretch that if you prefer is to get that back leg up on a chair, and then drop down towards the ground.  The third alternative is to drop on to a knee on the ground, then bring your hips forward, likeso. You are going to feel that in a bit of both hips, in that position but this back hip is the one we want to aim to stretch.