Hip 90-90 Stretch

The goal of this exercise is to increase hip mobility. I would recommend you perform this stretch for a total of 30 to 60 seconds. If you have some extra time, work up to holding each side for 1 minute for a total of 2 minutes. Feel free to repeat multiple times in the day as needed!

This is called hip 90-90 stretch, the goal is to try and loosen up the hips. If you start in this position, likeso you can warm up a bit. Then you’re going to lean to one side. The reason it’s called hip 99 is because you make about 90 degrees here (as shown in the video) as well as about 90 degrees here. You’re just going to lean down as far as you can, your chest in line with your knee. Then you can pulse that on and off, or you can lean forward into it and then back again to here. Then go the other way, and get over the top of the  knee,  you can do that back and forth or focusing on whichever side is more problematic for about 30 to 60 seconds.