Low Back Stretches

Here are some basic low back stretches, to be repeated daily (or several times a day if you find helpful). 

It should only take 5-10 minutes to get through all these stretches.
1. Cat-cow
2. Child’s pose
3. Knees to chest
4. Knee rotations
5. Seated paraspinal muscle stretch

These are the low back stretches that I’d like you to do, these can be done every day if you want you can do them just once a day or you can also do them in the morning and night. 

The first exercise is called cat-cow, you’re going to start on all fours, in a cat-like position.  

Make sure your head comes down as far as it can, as well as  full flexion everywhere.  

Do 15 of each (cat and cow). From this position drop back down into Child’s Pose stretch, you can also put your hands behind your back, which will allow you to get a better stretch through the lower back.  Hold that for a few seconds and then repeat that about five times. Then, 

then we’ll go onto our back, pull your knees into your chest both together and hold for a second at full flexion. You can do that a few times,  you can also do single knees that at once if you like you can do one at a time. From here we go onto knee rotations so you’re gonna let your knees fall to one side, hold for a second, and then back to the other side. Repeat that five times per direction. Next, you can grab a towel or a t-shirt, wrap it around your toes then push your toes towards the ground, and pull your back the opposite way so that  your back is slumping backwards. This exercise helps to stretch out the muscles in your lower back. Some people can reach without a towel/t-shirt, you can just go right with the hands to the toes and that works great as well. Those are few basic low back stretches that you can do a couple times a day to keep things loose.