Median Nerve Floss 

Follow the instructions in the video to help with nerve issues in the median nerve in the upper limb. Repeat the movement 15 times, and feel free to do this a few times per day! If done correctly, it won’t feel like much when you’re doing it. 

NOTE: If you feel a nerve pain, or numbness while doing this exercise, stop and we’ll go over it at your next visit!

I’m going to show you a nerve floss for the median nerve,  it starts up in the neck and travels down the arm and goes into the hand. So to stretch the nerve into the arm you’re going to tilt your neck towards the arm and have full extension at the wrist and elbow. Then slowly go back to neutral position. Never extend at the wrist and the opposite way with the head, make sure that the head is always tilted towards the hand when it is extended. Then you tilt your head the opposite way when you’re relaxing at the hand. You’re going to repeat that for a total of 15 times.