Neck Mobility Stretches

Aim to do these stretches 2-3 times per day until full, pain-free range of motion is re-established. Don’t worry – they only take about 2 minutes!

1. Yes, No, Maybe mobilization. Do 3 each.
2. Funky Chicken. Do 5 clockwise and 5 counterclockwise.
3. Levator scapula neck stretch. Hold 15 seconds and repeat.

Here are some neck stretches that will encourage mobility in the cervical region or the neck region. The first one is called “yes no maybe. I don’t want you to push past any point of pain but just work comfortably. So the first one, “yes’  the aim is to go full range if you have it, or only go to the point where there is no pain, then come back to a neutral position. For ‘no” look slowly left and right, and for “maybe’ tilt head side to side. Each of those ranges I want you to do a couple of times. 

The second exercise is called the funky chicken,  the goal is to keep your nose facing forward, then rotate both clock and counterclockwise. You’re going to explore the full range of motion here, it looks a little bit ridiculous so maybe do this one in private. Try to get as far clockwise and counterclockwise as you can. The last exercise you are going to do, You are going to put your hand behind your back, whichever way your fingers are pointing you are going to tilt your head. For example, my right arm is pointing to the left, so you are going to tilt your head to the left. You will be able to feel the stretch through the trapezius muscle and shoulder blade. Hold for 10-15 seconds, then repeat on the opposite side. If there is one side that’s giving you more trouble than the other, obviously focus on that side. For bonus exercises, do neck retractions. Start with your chin tucked in to form a double chin. Hold that for a couple seconds but only do that if it’s pain-free.  The other three exercises are to increase your ranges of motion, this neck retraction is to strengthen muscles in the neck, to try and put your neck in a better position moving forward.