Radial Nerve Floss

 Follow the instructions in the video to help with nerve issues in the radial nerve in the upper limb. Repeat the movement 15 times, and feel free to do this a few times per day! If done correctly, it won’t feel like much when you’re doing it. NOTE: If you feel a nerve pain, or numbness while doing this exercise, stop and we’ll go over it at your next visit!

This nerve floss exercise is for the radial nerve, there is a deep and superficial branch but basically the nerve goes from the neck all the way down through to the thumb. In order to tension that nerve, you are going to flex the wrist fully and extend the elbow. Then you’re going to tilt the head towards that hand, you do not want to be stretching the nerve the opposite way. Next, you are going to relax the hand, while the hand is relaxed you can tilt your head the opposite way. You can bring your arm down if you want more traction. Repeat that 15 times daily.