Sciatic Nerve Floss

This is the sciatic nerve floss exercise. Don’t go “too far” to provoke symptoms. This exercise should be done within pain free range. Repeat several times per day, every day, for about 20 repetitions.

This is called the sciatic nerve floss, what you’re aiming to do here is create a little bit of movement in the sciatic nerve. It should not feel like a whole lot is happening, if you feel tension and pain that means that you’re doing it a little bit too far or doing it incorrectly. 

You want to make sure that your head and your toe go down at the same time, as well as your toe and your head go up at the same time. This is pulling the nerve down the leg, and then this will pull the nerve up more centrally into the spine. You need to be on something a little taller,  some people use a kitchen table or if you have a tall chair this works. Repeat this just go back and forth at about this pace about 10 to 20 times and you can repeat that multiple times throughout the day.