Shoulder Codman Circles & Broomstick ROM

The broomstick range of motion is intended to increase your pain-free range of motion in the shoulder. 10x sideways, 10x diagonally, 10x forwards. Repeat twice. The codman circles are intended to be a passive traction and rotation in the shoulder. 20-30 seconds clockwise, 20-30 seconds counter-clockwise. Repeat twice. These exercises can be done daily (or more!).

Here are some passive or dowel rod range of motion exercises to help loosen up your shoulder. For this example I’ll pretend my left shoulder is the one that we’re doing some work on, this arm is going to hang completely limp, let me grab a broomstick and my right arm is going to do all the work. With my right arm I’m going to push the broomstick while the rest of my left arm just rests on top of it. Right here you just have a pain-free range of motion, go nice and slow, if it hurts don’t push past, go to where you can tolerate.You can do that 10 times then you’re going to go diagonally 10 times and then straight out front 10 times. 

Flexion scaption and abduction 10 times each using the broomstick to push your arm into the position that you want it to try to get that better range of motion is called a codman exercise.  If you lean over and hang on to something then grab something around 5-10 pounds.  

You could use a bottle of  laundry detergent or light weight if you have one. You’re going to lean over and go counterclockwise as well as clockwise about 20-30 seconds in each direction.  Let the arm completely hang,  this is helping pull the shoulder apart and just creating a little bit of traction in that shoulder which should help give a little relief over time. You can do both of these exercises multiple times a day,  I’d recommend twice a day.