Shoulder Kettlebell Stabilization 

Do this exercise for 3 sets, aiming for 30 to 60 seconds of working time. Do this exercise 3 days per week.

This exercise improves shoulder stabilization and rotator cuff function. Keep the shoulder neutral with the weight held up while rotating internally and externally as much as you can in a pain-free range. Use a kettlebell or a homemade version with a (sturdy) reusable bag and approx. 15-20 lbs. of weight (or start with less and work up to an adequate weight range for your body).

This is a stabilizing exercise for your shoulder, your rotator cuff and your shoulder blade particularly. You can use a kettlebell, if you don’t have one use a reusable bag with some weight in it. You want about 15-20 pounds, depending on your strength level.  I put my hand through the loop and then grab the bag itself, so start laying down with your knees bent and head supported just on your arm, and your other arm is straight up. You do not want to shrug arm up towards your head or drop it too low toward your hip,  try to find a happy medium. From here you’re going to externally rotate your arm as far as you can and internally rotate as far as you can, keeping that arm nice and still with the exception of the rotations. Now this is a little harder than it looks actually and as you get better at it you can go a little longer, so just go until you feel yourself fatigue. Then carefully drop it down as you get better at it. You can do that same thing with your feet in a straight position, this will require some more stabilization of the shoulder. I try to aim to do this exercise for around 30 seconds, maybe up to a minute depending on how much weight is in my bag. Also depending on what set I’m on because I’ll do this a total of three times or so until my shoulder feels tired.