Shoulder Posture Stretch & Strengthen

The shoulder external rotation with a Thera band and pec doorway stretch are aimed at helping improve shoulder posture. Do the shoulder external rotation strengthening exercise 15 repetitions and repeat 2x per side. The pec stretch, hold for 10-15 seconds and repeat on each side 2x. This can be done daily. 

Shoulders tend to roll inwards like this, we need to strengthen between the shoulder blades and stretch the front of the shoulder. There are two exercises that can help with your shoulder posture. The first one, you start with your palm face up, and elbows tucked into your sides, then you are going to externally rotate. Once you get to the point where your elbow starts coming off your side that’s far enough.Do this with good posture, meaning the chin tucked, you are going to repeat this 12-15 times. You should start to  feel a little bit of burn in your shoulders. The second exercise is a stretch, find a doorway, then you’re going to make 90 degrees with your arms, step through with the same leg as you are with your shoulder. So you are going to 

step forward while rotating my torso away from the shoulder that is 90 degrees. Hold that for 5-10 seconds and then just repeat that a few times for a total of 30 seconds. Repeat this same stretch on the opposite side, so I am stepping through with my right leg with my right shoulder and rotating away. This will stretch out the pecs, and the other exercise will strengthen the back of the shoulder.