Side Plank

This exercise is a side plank, intended to strengthen the core, particularly on the sides (the oblique muscles). Aim to hold this for as long as you can while keeping good form to begin, aiming for 15 to 20 seconds to start. Work your way up, and if you’re able, you can work your way all the way up to a 45 to 60 second hold.

This is the side plank the goal here is to strengthen the torso particularly on the side so in this case it’ll be the downside so the right side. bend the bottom leg keep the top leg straight for the beginner version of this. you’ll be resting on your elbow on the top and you’ll bring your body into a straight position so that the ankle the hip the shoulder and then the head you want to keep straight. and if you can hold this for 15 seconds 20 seconds work your way up. and you’ll do the same of course on the opposite side so in this case you’ll be working the left side (which is on the bottom) so you’re here and you hold this start with 15-20 seconds work your way up. you can work your way right up until you fatigue so some people can hold this as long as a minute if you want a more advanced version (if your body is capable of that and if your strength is there) you can go right to having straight legs so I take the top leg go in front and do a side plank from there and that’s significantly more difficult so that side plank working the sides of the core.