TFL and IT Band Stretch

This stretch is useful for helping with hip pain in the trochanteric region (the bony area on the outside of your hip), as well as with IT band tension, or glute tension:

Hold the stretch for around 10 seconds, and repeat 2-3 times.

This is a TFL stretch (so – tensor fasciae latae) as well as the glute. Both of those muscles come down and form a band that goes down to your knee called the “IT band.” Now the structures in the area (come on over here) look like this. There’s glute muscles there’s this muscle from the front (the TFL) and then there’s that it band that goes down the leg. Now, if you’re getting pain in this area or in the glute here’s a nice stretch to help with that. It’s a bit of a weird stretch. So the outside leg stays straight and then the inside leg comes over top. So this leg is the one that will be stretching you’re going to kind of push your hip down and toward the ground. You should feel a good stretch right through these structures and you kind of change the angle of your pelvis rotation in order to hit different areas of that. Now again, same thing on the opposite side. Let me show you on this side if I’m going to stretch this side this stays straight, this leg goes over top of it and then you just push your hip out and toward the ground. And that is the glute and TFL stretch.